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5th Jul 2024

A Conversation with a Military General on Company Culture -- how to create a place where everyone loves to work

Dive into the battlefield of corporate culture with retired Army Brigadier General David Komar on this thought provoking episode of "All Things Human." Host Adele Wang uncovers how military leadership principles that emphasize process for leadership development can revolutionize your workplace.

🎖️ In this episode, you'll discover:

  • Why creating a great company culture is a universal challenge
  • Why specific processes are often the missing key and what is needed that can transform average teams into high-performing units
  • How 31 years of military experience translates to corporate success
  • Actionable tips for leaders to build a workplace where employees thrive

Whether you're a CEO, startup founder, or aspiring leader, this episode is your tactical guide to conquering company culture. General Komar shares insights from his new book, "Conquer Your Culture," and reveals how his military background shapes his approach to corporate consulting.

Don't miss this strategic blend of military discipline and corporate innovation. Tune in now and arm yourself with the knowledge to lead your team to victory!

Guest: David Komar, Retired Army Brigadier General, Author, and Corporate Culture Consultant

Host: Adele Wang

Resources mentioned:

  • "Conquer Your Culture" by David Komar (available on Amazon)
  • David Komar's consultancy: edainc.io

Keywords: company culture, leadership development, workplace success, military leadership, corporate strategy, employee engagement, organizational excellence, CEO advice

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